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Habits are kind of rituals for human kind. We tend to form these kind of rituals through out our lives. In our daily lives or professional lives. How do we from habits? Well, we tend to start with doing something we like or something we are pushed to do. When we become committed to it, it starts to form a habit. There are healthy habits and then there are unhealthy habits of course. How we form them still stays the same. Pleasure.

See, our brains are kinda programmed to stay away from pain. We are too much into pleasure and we all want it. We are one of the few species on earth to have sex for pleasure and not for procreation.

Keeping this in mind, we can easily say that habits are kind of behaviours that we “think” that gives us kind of a pleasure to repeat. They become rituals, get away thoughts etc.

So what happens when we realise a habit has become unhealthy or it does not provide the pleasure it used to? We change it or completely forget about it. Sometimes we try to change it, but we can’t because they are tied with chemicals and requires lots of will power to stop the habit.

Will power is the key to form a habit and also to break it. The same applies to your work environment as well. As groups, we form a habit of working together. Making us all getting used to whatever we are doing, without questioning. Sometimes comes a time where change is necessary. Now, some people like they like the frog approach. Changing slowly. Heating the water slowly each day. So the frog does not jump. Sad thing is, frog always jumps. Because, it is a frog, da! So there will be always some people resisting and jumping around when somebody wants to change a ritual. It is normal. But if you are the one trying to change the habit, better be persistent or you will be mocked, pushed away, isolated. You must have the courage to remove the curtain for better.

Keep in mind, habits are easy to form and hard to break.

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