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Change is scary. Literally for everybody. Through the ages of human history, which is pretty short by the way, we, as human beings did not change much. Now that is a bold claim, right?

But before you judge, read a bit more. Think about 10 years ago. Since then, how much changed around you? I am not talking about scientific improvements here. Just take a look around you, the people you know or you used to know. How much did they change? Quite a bit? Or not much? Okay, now just go back one year. How different your approach to life now compared to before?

It takes time. Especially with a 9-5 job most of us have, it is even longer. Because we live in cycles, groups. In order to change something, we first need to feel that it is necessary. This is something that never changed in human nature. Safety. We lived in caves, now we are living in modern caves. We had to hunt, now somebody else does it for us. We used to run after our food for hunting, now we are running / going to gym etc. for a “healthy life”. Even though it seems like lots has changed, our main needs remain the same. Safety. Now, change. If you are safe and comfy, why should you change, right? Even if it is not safe anymore, but you still feel comfortable, well nothing will change.

Change is about actions. Actions to improve. In our personal life, it is something that we have to want. If you complain about things, what should you do? Act to change? But then there are things that prevents you from taking action, right? So, just admit it, you can’t risk it. This is what makes changing so hard. Because it is 50/50. It can be a failure but can also be rewarding. That other 50% is so scary, that we don’t want to risk our current comfort, even though it bothers us so much.

Then comes the change is work environment. Can an organisation change? Wow. Hard. Change is about failing constantly. Change is about how hard you failed and how quick you are back on your feet again. The moment you say “what if?”, well game is kind a over. Because? Think it from this perspective: You have a vision, a goal you want to reach. But you can’t do it alone. You need their support. But you feel something is not right and it bothers you a lot. You make up your mind and decide it is time for a change. You come up with a plan. Is everybody happy with the plan? Of course not. Now you are trying to make them happy too. But now, some other group is unhappy. Oh god, lets go to the board again. Countless meetings after you are where you started. Nothing changed, because instead of taking any kind of action, you focused on trying to make people happy. How did it work out?

I am not saying do not care about making people happy. What i am saying is, in order to change something whether it is your personal or your work life / culture etc. is, actions are necessary. You want to loose fat? Start running or going to the gym. Do you like it? Of course not. It is boring, tiring and time consuming. But you have to do it, right? Even though it does not make you happy? But over time, when you start seeing the results, you get happier. So what changed? You resisted the negative feelings. You took action and started with something. Did it work out? Well, it depends totally on how resilient you are to negatives and focused on your goals.

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