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Being the missing piece

One single piece, can make a big difference

We are all living in a society. Some of us like it and some don’t. But we can’t change it. We have to interact with at least some people each day. If you are someone like me, there are days where you don’t go out, make all grocery shopping before hand and lock yourself in your shelter and minimize the human touch as much as possible.

On the other hand, while working, the shelter part does not work out. In order to work, produce, deliver you have to be in touch with other people. From different companies, cultures, backgrounds etc. etc.. For introverts, this sounds like utter chaos, for extroverts it is fun. You can’t make everyone happy at the same time of course. But we are not aiming to make everybody happy at the same time.

Thing about human interaction is that we need each other. We need each other to live, to be healthy, for joy. Even if you keep your interactions to minimum, that won’t keep you away from human touch. Now, what does it to do about being the missing piece?

The missing piece symbolizes everyone’s point of view, hopes&dreams and so on. It means harmony. Harmony does not mean happiness, it means balance, it means peace.

I believe in harmony, bringing people together. Having them speak about their minds, not being afraid of being judged.

Just like every other human being, we all have something that we are afraid of. Some stuff that we can’t let go, or things that we can’t have an enclosure.

Being a team, being an organization is all about being able to understand these fundamentals. Basically, having empathy.

We all have something missing in our personalities and we keep looking for them. We try to find those pieces in other things. Some start gambling, some drink, some just talk in order to fill the empty space.

If you read this so far, you will ask “what does it all have to do about being missing piece?”. Well, i just wanted to give this message. Whether you are working alone or in a team, we are all missing pieces at some point. While working with people, keep this in mind, nothing is perfect and we all have flaws. Try to be the one to fill those needed parts, give up on your point of view and give what is lacking.

Helping others will fill your own missing pieces too. You may not realize that you have missing pieces, you may think that you have a full package and everything is working just fine. Well then, if you are full package, how do you keep improving as a human being? Learning part is the missing piece.

Well, i have a lot to learn and a lot to see. Life is a playground and full of different experiences. We interact with each other, because there is something we can learn from each other. Let it be a good one.

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