Who am i?

Want to get to know me? Take a look at my CV. (Yeah i am the one on the left with a big smile!)

What have i been doing with my professional life?

It’s been close to a decade since i started working in web project. I have taken part in various web projects, developed mobile applications, lead teams as GM and CTO.

What have i done through these years? Well, its been a quite adventure for me. I spent 7 years of my professional life in once the biggest social network of Turkey, Yonja.com Those were the best years in my career, which i can wholeheartedly say.

During these years we developed a craigslist clone, a foursquare clone, a twitter clone, a branchout clone (which we sold to kariyer.net), i launched my own project called notpaylas.com for university student to share their notes in 2010, but it failed.

Anyways, my adventure continued with Kariyer.net afterwards. There i dealt with side businesses. KariyerPro (HRMS), Tumislerburada.com (free job-board), Kariyerakademi.net (online learning), Memnuniyetanalizi.net (employee satisfaction surveys). But after a year or so i left, why? Because bureaucracy, because no real challenges etc.

Then i continued as a CTO for a start up. After 6 months i left while i felt that i am becoming a developer more than a CTO to the company, more on that in a blog post.

Now i am back to being a CTO at Ă–deAl, one of the key players in fintech industry in Turkey. I am leading a team of highly talented 10 developers and taking active part in day to day operations.


Being devils advocate

I ask tons of questions, literally. I think it is pretty important to be able to get answers. But it is also important to ask right questions, right?

Product / Project Management

I am a pretty organized human being. But, my nickname is actually "robot", so imagine how disciplined, organized i can be when it comes to scope management.

Of course being PM / PO is not about just being disciplined, i believe it is also about being an enabler. I am a big fan of creating / solving chaos and i find any kind of chaos mesmerizing. With a good team, each chaos brings new joys and opportunities.

Web development

I realized that i can work with any kind of development language. I am not the expert in any of them, but i get the stuff done. Whether it is ruby, java, c#, go... you name it. I have tried this many times and somehow i managed to get things done in any kind of environment.

Problem solving

Pls refer to: Being devils advocate

Strategical thinking

It is about seeing the unseen. Meaning, when you are taking active part in day to day management, you need to measure the effects of any kind of action. How are day going to impact your operation? What is the ade