Maturing through your career

With great power, comes great responsibility…

Yup, this quote is from Spiderman’s famous uncle Ben. As you mature through your career, you will realize the problems you face are either repeating themselves or they become more challenging. 

If they are repeating and you can’t find an answer, i must say that you are still at the same place as those problems started to occur. How  am i so sure? Well, it is something you will have to figure out yourself.

My topic today is how you become or have to become more mature over time.

I had a big problem with one of the colleagues at work over a really stupid thing, literally it was the stupidest thing to argue about, but we did. It was so tense, we were going to fight about it. A more senior manager friend asked me afterwards, “if you were to fight, would it going to help the company?”. My answer was a simple no.

There are times when you got enlightened. That was one of them for me. Each day we try to solve problems or face new ones. But with each problem we face, the real question that needs to be asked is to find out how it will help us proceed. With personal conflicts, the best approach is to cool down, take a deep breath and don’t push other side. Whether it is a heated email or a tense argument, in the end nobody wins. Even if you win, you loose, because you lost your colleagues trust, respect etc.

Things happen, but don’t let them push you down. Always find ways to move forward.

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