Making technical analysis as a product owner

In today’s terms, POs or PMs dont feel the need to do any technical analysis. Because it is mainly development team’s duty to decide what to do. In agile development teams since everyone is thought to be all-rounder, meaning does tests, does analysis or whatever is needed, outside of the scope this is not a required skill.

A good PM/PO has to be able to create good stories, should be well capable of understanding stakeholders needs and wants and then decide what would be the best for the product for the coming sprints.

But then i cant take myself away from the idea of being technical PM/PO. Meaning, okay you have this idea for the product, you are not totally supposed to be technical, but yet you should be able to make suggestions. “I think this architecture could work well for us” or “I have seen some implementation examples and they have applied this technologies for better scalability.”. Those may seem like some buzzwords, but they are not as long as they are back with meaningful explanations that satisfies development team.

One might say, why would be ever need someone outside of the development team to make technical analysis? Well, for the most obvious reason: cost saving. Lets say your PM can directly tell you that your requests cant be done as is due to technical issues, at that very moment you have the flexibility of making changes on your request.Otherwise the loop of PM going to Dev team, coming back explaining you what they have talked etc is needed. Seems like a small cycle, but still waste of time.

In my humble opinion, PMs and POs should be a bit capable of understanding current technologies, should be knowledgeable about current system architecture and what it is capable of so that it can be pushed for better etc.

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