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Lately i have been attending tons of job interviews. I mean literally tons. It is quite interesting for me, because last time i quit, no one even invited me to interviews. It was May and i think it was a seasonal thing. But right now, i am getting quite noticed i guess (?)

Anyways, my point of writing this topic is about how to excel at job interviews. I am not saying i excelled at things and got tons of offers, but i will try to explain what i am doing, what i did wrong (you realize it after the interview) and what i do good.

Okay, first of all the bad part.

I sometimes realize that i am missing some questions, regarding to work conditions. I say sometimes, because i do this regularly. What are the working hours? What are benefits / perks? How is the company culture is like? I forget these questions, because i get carried away with the job. I am someone who loves challenges, but as soon as i am fascinated by the opportunity, i dont care about the rest. My wife is trying to get me to think about these questions now and she does a good job.

So lesson learned, always try to understand the work conditions.

The other mistake i am doing is as i said getting carried away by the challenge. You need to understand why this challenge exists and how come they couldnt have solved it yet and they need you. If it is something like, oh we dont know how to handle the situation and need an expert about it, my experiences say run away. Because, the only reason they need an expert is that they tried and failed, but the investors / employers blamed them for not knowing. Now they will have you to try and fail, so that they can say we didnt need that position. It might be vice versa but the way see, it regularly happens like this.

If you are applying at a startup, try to get a grasp of how your future employer acts like. Meaning, is he / she capable of explaining everything about the product? Do they look like a leader? Do they seem like a person that can handle stress? This might be too much to ask, but all for a reason.

Firstly, if they say “oh i am only dealing with this part and have no idea about certain stuff”, well i would say consider the job again. Because in a startup world, the truth is, everyone knows everything. In other cases, it will most likely fail. Of course this is a big generalization of things, but i am just summing up.

If they dont seem like a leader, it is a question mark too. They need to impress you, they need to sell you the idea. You need to get the feeling that your employer is someone that can teach you something and help you grow. Otherwise you are just a modern slave that goes to a 9-6 job.

Leading is a form of art and it is not something that is thought. Some are good and some are bad. If you encounter a bad manager, well good luck.

I can also skip to ask these things, because as i said, i get carried away with the challenges… Dont do that!

So what i think i am doing good. Try to explain yourself clearly. You can boost yourself and market like you are the best, but in the end you will be the one suffering. Creating high expectations will just increase your stress levels going forward. Of course you can be someone who can manage these situations, but well why act like someone else? I try to be myself and be as honest as possible. Sometimes it is well received and sometimes not.

So far i have received countless rejections, at first it felt bad, really bad. But you get used to it. Sometimes you attend to interviews that you have no idea why you are there. I have attended an interview where there was no job / no description whatsoever was available and yet their explanation to this was that they are after the talent in the market.

So, companies can invite you to interviews, but it might not be because they have an open position, instead they might be doing a market research for salaries, current trends etc.

Oh btw, people dont send rejection emails, at least in Turkey. While i was a manager, i was doing this too, i am not proud of it. I think we dont like to give negative news, but being on the other side i now believe that it is a must and part of the process and job of a manager.

On the other hand be prepared before the interview. Do some googling about the company, person your are going to be interviewing with. Think of some possible ideas that you can suggest or how you would do things differently. You might not have any experience, but you should have your opinions, right?

Over time you get used to interviews. You excel at presenting yourself. Dont be bored please. There might be a time where you attend 6-7 interviews a month and you might feel like you are repeating yourself. But that is not the case, you are selling yourself instead 😉

So, get to know yourself, be aware of your strengths / weaknesses and be prepared about possible questions. Rest is sometimes luck, sometimes not.

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