Implementation > Planning > Production

Oh that, we can do pretty easy with a few lines of code.”

Mark those words. Those words are something we would like to hear most of the times, because we want speed, we want agility, we want growth. Everything that happens in a blink of an eye, is just great. Or is it not?

To me, production is the easiest part, because if you just came to the production part, well you must have taken care of most of the problems so far. You have thought about how to implement your solution, you planned how to sell / market / deliver / gather resources etc. before production, right? If your answer is no and you say “i am going to learn along the way“, well good luck then.

The reason is, if you skip planning at all, you wont be able to ask you enough questions to move forward. In every type of production, costs are the biggest tackle and while planning, you at least get to see some possible hurdles you might come across.

But, planning is just theory. Implementation is the practice. That is why in my opinion implementation is harder than planning. While you are planning if you are not on the field, talking with possible customers, you are just living in your own world and solving a problem that you are having. Without knowing how other people deal with that problem might leave you in the end with a product that is completely useless. Even if you talk to your possible customers while planning, implementation phase requires additional type of questions to be asked.

Of course production comes with its own problems. But till you get to the production, you already have to solve tones of problems, make analysis, talk to strangers etc. That’s why before acting, always thinking pays off. Especially for startups, if your resources are limited and you dont have a clear path, then you are doomed. Keep this in mind:

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Alan Lakein

What i am actually trying to say is, dont get caught unprepared. Product development, new business creation, everything that you are going to be doing new is not a joke. Plan ahead, know your limits and push them. Dont act like a fool and do 100% what your guts say.

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