Leading a startup and building a technical team

With my recent experiences, i find it appropriate to write this post first. I see new startups emerging every day, with different and maybe sometimes cool ideas. But being cool or different is never enough to succeed. A team, especially a strong team is the biggest asset of every single startup.

But what happens if you fail to have one? You fail. 😉

When i interviewed with developers, most of them said they wouldnt want to be working for a company if there is no technical co-founder. I used to find this a bit interesting, but now i understand it clearly.

Development is a form of art, but also a bit mechanical. What does that mean? Well, think of it like making a car, or building a bridge. Someone might come to you and ask for one to build / make. They are only interested with the end result right? But the details are lacking. What kind of a car? How big of a motor is needed? How many doors? How is the interior going to be like?

If you get the response of, “i just want one, just do it.”. It is kind of an indication that you are screwed. Because the end result will never be a kind of satisfaction to the requester and you will end up being considered as unsuccessful.

Therefore, if you happen to not have a technical co-founder, try to make it as clear as possible the things you ask for and how you want them to be. Developers are goal oriented people. They feel the satisfaction only when they can deliver and be happy with the end result. Changing your mind each day will just make them stressed, unorganized and even maybe depressed. You being the pushy one each day will just make them start to hate you.

So my point of advice is if you are planning to launch a startup without a technical co-founder:

  • Try to find a technical co-founder. Literally, find someone maybe a friend? or someone that you will respect as a leader.
  • If you cant and yet you happen to find developers to work with, give them clear descriptions.
  • Do not change your mind about things you want. Yes business change, but it doesn’t change every single day! If you request change on a daily basis, once something very important is no longer important next day and then every task becomes important, well nothing is important anymore.
  • Learn. I am not saying you to learn how to program, read some technology stuff, try to understand how web works, what is a server, what is http what is ajax etc. If you want your developers to recognize you as a leader, you need to show them that you want to be involved in every part of the business. This way they will respect you more.

Besides that, please dont become bossy. This will be the biggest mistake you can ever make. Dont walk and talk about when you sell the business what you are going to be doing with the money. This only makes people to think they are working for you to become rich. This might be the truth, but truth does not need to be know this clearly. A startup is out there to disrupt, diversify, change something or create a success story,

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